Height: 6'0" Weight: 175
Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue

Film and Television

MGEU Training Video Principal Victor Dobchuk / Malanka Prod Ltd.
Faces in the Crowd Actor Julien Magnat / Minds Eye
John Doe Actor Keith Samples / Fox
Goreblade (webisodes) Lead Adam Brooks / Independent
Addiction is Murder Supporting Adam Brooks / Independent
Grass Stains Lead Stephen Gomori / Independent
Crime Scene: Petty Crimes Unit Principal Anand Kanna / Independent
Fleshprop: The Movie Lead Peter Howcroft / Independent
Pants of the Dead Principal David Spencer / Independent


Run for Your Wife John James Noonan / Morpheus Theatre
Move Over, Mrs. Markham Henry Jay Newman / Morpheus Theatre
Catch As Catch Can Happy Kyllikki Ruus / Ruus Productions
Murder Mystery Canada Detective Various / Slixer Entertainment
Curse of the Starving Class Wesley Tom Scholte / VFS Prodcution
Welcome to the Moon Stephen Kate Twa / VFS Production
Julius Ceasar Lucilius Jim Bates / VFS Alumni Production
Middle School Players Various David Timms / SJR Production


Scene Study Mel Tuck, Darcy Fehr
Actors Training Centre Jeff Skinner, Nancy Drake
Audition Training Peter Wilds
Casting Workshops Candice Elzinga, Stuart Aikins
Vancouver Film School - Full Time Acting Program (Certificate of Excellence)
Audition Skills Bart Anderson, Barry Levy, Adam Harrington
Scene Study Kate Twa, Tom Scholte, Debra Thorne, David Pallfy
Speech / Voice Over Ian Raffel, Michael Dobson, Douglas Newal

Special Skills

Wind surfing, sailing, downhill skiing, running, biking, driving (standard & automatic), masquerade, karaoke, billiards, solving the Rubik's Cube, and tossing pizza dough

Grass Stains Pumpkin Scare Another Me: Special Edition