Grass Stains

Grass StainsBrian hasn't been completely honest with his girlfriend, Roberta. Unfortunately, revealing the truth will prove to be the necessary ingredient to make for a successful scientific experiment. Oblivious until now, Brian is now aware that his entire relationship was set up and staged. Although Roberta insists her love for Brian is impenetrable and has surpassed the scope of the experiment, it will be up to him to decide what is real, and what is not.

"Grass Stains" is a story about love, deception, technology, and ethics. Although all of these things can involve themselves in our business and relationships, it is only love that cannot be measured, only love that cannot be scrutinized, and only love that will remind us of where our hearts need to be.

(Runtime: 37 minutes)

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  • Devi Singh
  • Timothy Mossey
  • Todd Hann
  • Brian McBride
  • Jamie Mayo
  • Stephen McBride
  • Jessica Brown
  • Cliff Vico
  • and Jesse Donaldson

Previous Screenings:

  • 2006 Weekend Digital Film Festival
  • 2006 Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival - Mini-Cinema
Grass Stains Pumpkin Scare Another Me: Special Edition