So far there are three of my own.

Grass Stains Grass Stains (2006)

Brian hasn't been completely honest with his girlfriend, Roberta. Unfortunately, revealing the truth will prove to be the necessary ingredient to make for a successful scientific experiment. Oblivious until now, Brian is now aware that his entire relationship was set up and staged. Although Roberta insists her love for Brian is impenetrable and has surpassed the scope of the experiment, it will be up to him to decide what is real, and what is not. More...

Pumpkin Scare Pumpkin Scare (2005)

Pumpkin Scare is a two minute comedy about a guy who has a surprise guest waiting for him when he gets home one day. It was made on the whim in about twenty-four hours specifically for the Winnipeg Short Film Massacre entry deadline, and it ended up closing the show to an enthusiastic audience.

Another Me: Special Edition Another Me: Special Edition (2004)

"Another Me: Special Edition" is a spoof of a typical mediocre film followed by the in depth behind the scenes documentary. This eight minute short is broken up into two parts, the first part being the film "Another Me", and the second being the mockumentary about "Another Me." "Another Me", which was originally created for the purpose of editing education, involves the most basic plot with an ending which is both anticipated and comical. More...

Grass Stains Pumpkin Scare Another Me: Special Edition