Stephen GomoriStephen Gomori was born in Winnipeg, Canada and started studying acting at an early age at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People. In 1999, Steve moved away to Vancouver to study in the full-time acting program at Vancouver Film School. Upon completion, Steve began to land roles in numerous independent productions, and in 2003, became an ACTRA member following a small role on the Vancouver shot, "John Doe."

In 2004, Steve started writing and shooting his own films to help generate more exposure for himself, as well as his fellow actors. It proved to be a very valuable process in more ways than anticipated. A wealth of extra learning about directing, camera work, lighting, and editing was acquired during the process.

In 2005, Steve returned home to Winnipeg and has since been cast in several commercials, as well as some print advertisements.

Grass Stains Pumpkin Scare Another Me: Special Edition